Reel Poker Slots Combines Card Playing Thrills With Slot Game Fun

Reel Poker Slots is a unique new video slot title with five exciting, card symbol themed reels. This game might just be one of the most enjoyable video poker/slot titles that you've ever encountered in online casinos.

In total you have 100 available ways in which you can win during every spin. The game also boasts three amazing progressive jackpots that reach into thousands of dollars. These jackpots vary when it comes to their prize amounts. You have access to a minor jackpot and a major jackpot. These rewards can be triggered randomly.

The presence of three jackpots is certainly a unique aspect of this game. A second unique aspect is the fact that this entertainment option combines video poker elements with video slot game features.

How to Play

First, you have to decide how many coins you want to bet. Use the upwards and downwards pointing arrows to select a preferred coin number. Every coin that you bet has a value of $0.50. Furthermore, it is not necessary to active pay lines. During every game, you will always have the opportunity to claim a prize via 100 winning combinations.

Once you've adjusted the preferred betting settings, you can activate the reels via a click on the spin button. The win box will display your cash prize amount when the reels stop turning. To get an idea of possible winning combinations and their payouts, you can study the pay-line map, which can be found under the menu/help attribute.

Available Winning Combinations and Their Payouts

The winning combinations in this slot game are similar to those in card games. You will have a chance to hit straight (13 times the coin value), the flush (15 times the coin value), full house (20 times the coin value), four of a kind (45 times the coin value), straight flush (1.000 times the coin value) and a five of a kind (2.000 times the coin value). However, the biggest prize is the alluring Royal flush, which rewards you with 10.000 times the coin value.

You will make these winning combinations on the five slot reels, and these reels have a total of 52 symbols, just like an ordinary deck of cards. Winning symbol combinations will occur in any progression at pay lines.

Randomly Receive Free Spins That Are Attached to Multipliers

Free spins will be handed out randomly. When the free spins round becomes active, you will see 15 face down card logos. Then you have to select cards until you flip a matching pair. Their matching number will be the amount of free spins that you are eligible to receive.

You can also become so lucky that you flip the 2x card first. The amount of awarded complimentary spins will then be multiplied. However, keep in mind that you can only have a maximum set of 30 extra spins. Additionally, you will have to select another matching pair from 16 card icons to determine your free spins wins multiplier amount. This multiplier can be as high as five times.

Three Jackpots That Greatly Boost Your Bankroll

As said before, jackpots can fuel your bank roll with thousands of extra dollars. At this generous game, you will have three available jackpots and they can all hit at the same time during one spin. So you might suddenly find yourself very rich when you play this game.

The main jackpot needs to be obtained via a royal flush, which is a combination of the symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. Make sure that they appear in order at the same suit if you want to win the prize. The major jackpot pays out when it hits the $750.00. So make sure that you're playing when that payout is about to happen. You win chance will of course increase once it is about to reach that cash value.

The third prize is the minor jackpot. This cash reward pays out when the prize amount reaches $75.00. Keep in mind that this reward and the major jackpot do not require you to form winning symbol combinations. They will surprise you randomly. Lastly, Progressive jackpots can only be obtained when you play the game with five coins.

Reel Poker Slots Gives You Enough Incentives to Play

All those big prize win opportunities and the unique game play style of this game are certainly strong incentives to give Reel Poker Slots a try. Bring your money along because this is not a game that can be enjoyed in the free play mode. However it does support the flash instant play option and you can also download the game on your device. Try your luck today at Reel Poker Slots.